the most important tool is you: your mind, your thoughts, and your attitude towards making your art - Anne On


Are you juggling your creative practice alone?

A Bristol-based practicing artist working with bookarts, video and digital media, my M.A. is in multi-disciplinary print & book arts; I have often observed the isolation of individual practitioners, and how, without a fellow buddy or mentor, it can be a job to stay focused and really creative: though it is of course great to be independent, and not be working for the corporation, it’s not so great to be juggling all the essential aspects/roles of the solo artist, alone.

At different points in your creative work you may need, and deserve, support to keep your practice lively and flourishing: taking the space and time-out to reflect upon your current reality, being part of a creative network, clarifying & communicating your vision can make the difference between an average and a stunningly alive practice

what does the buddying enable you to do?

to work within a collaborative process to clarify and focus on the actions needed to evolve, and blossom, you and your practice

  * contextualise & discuss your work
  * envision & assess your next steps
  * take it seriously
  * make plans
  * be acknowledged and heard,
  * be witnessed on the journey by someone
    who knows

the sessions are practical, reflective, mindful, & enjoyable and we do stuff: you will have actual things to take away…
so, if you would value an ally / mentor / advisor / guide, and are prepared to dig, this way of working could benefit you and your practice

what are the sessions like?

they are insightful, focused and purposeful, not like chit chatting aimlessly with a friend - though it is chatty and I am friendly!

A freelance inspiration consultant, over the last 20 years I have run creativity workshops and one-to-one sessions where the focus is on developing creative practice: the tenets are the same whatever medium you work within - dancer, painter, director, designer, musician, actor, bricoleur: any area(s) at all that you consider to be your creative practice

how long are the sessions?

the intitial session is 2 hours long, and with the focus solely on you and your practice is an invaluable opportunity to seriously honour your practice, or to negotiate your path more lightly...

I offer the service of buddying as a dynamic opportunity to focus more whole heartedly and mindfully on your own creative practice: - after the introduction session there's the option to set up 'review and development' sessions at future intervals; telephone follow-up sessions are also an option

what you need

* a clear commitment and desire to work on something specific, with an idea of what you would like to use the session for   

* to e.mail me in the first instance, with a brief outline of what you would like to look at in your practice I will then get back to you to say if I sense we could work together

a gift

regarding your artistic development and sustaining your practice creatively,
you might like to ask yourself these questions:

1. What is your greatest vision as an artist?

2. What are your next steps to realising that vision?

3. What kind of support do you need?

4. How are you going to make sure you keep going?

5. What is success to you?

(with gratitude to Christine C. of Minneapolis)

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