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Lilla is creative director of the group tribe: presently in winter retreat mode, we may see them working collaboratively together again!

tribe are bricoleurs - using what is to hand - to realise their ideas - thriving on trying things out & playing around as ways to learn, and solve problems....they thus aspire to continue on their fluxus ways

2017 we are pleased to welcome two new tribe members
Miss Givens & Vera Bhadrasana who join
Allil Nangi-Ud, Teri Makassih,
Anne On, & Phil Atterleigh

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some things to ponder...
it’s not required
for you to be
certain, to be
Stephen Jenkinson

Gratitude is wealth.

Complaint is poverty
Doris Day
nothing will work
unless you do
Maya Angelou
history could make
a stone weep

Marilynne Robinson,
truth is more than 
simply fact
Studs Terkel attributing
it to James Cameron
one can be old and
Henri Cartier-Bresson

all photos on this site taken by Lilla/tribe, unless otherwise stated



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unashamedly bookish...
artists' books club at UWE is still going (founded by Lilla) and even has a relative in ABCD -
Artists' Book Club at the Dove

we concur with Allil when he says 'the perfect space in which mystery meets matter and conjoins, is for us the book'